BELMASH SDMR-2500 - the first multifunctional combined Belmash woodworking machine where the function of thicknessing is realized without an additional device. The machine is traditionally designed and produced in accordance with our view of semi-professional high quality woodworking equipment - the machine is multifunctional, compact, powerful, easily adjustable.

The machine is equipped with single-phase induction motor with built-in overload protection, three knives’ cutterblock, emergency switch on rotary bracket and removable planer tables and universal guide. Using carriages, which move along parallel guides, a user can adjust the required position of parallel guide (for planning and cutting operations) as well as position of rotary bracket (for cutting at an angle).

The thicknessing is automatic that makes this machine more suitable for professional use!

FUNCTIONS: thicknessing, planing, cutting and milling with disc cutters

Technical data
Max. planing /thicknessing width, mm270/260
Range of cutting depth, mm0÷117
Max/Min height of a blank at thicknnessing, mm120/10
Range of cutting/planning angles, degree0÷45
Cutting table size (L×W), mm872×528
Table size at planing (L×W), mm912×284
Thicknessing table size (L×W), mm140×260
Rated idle RPM of cutterhead /saw blade and disc cutter, min-17700/2850
Feeding speed at thicknessing, m/minute6
Rated input power, W2500
Network values, V/Hz230/50
Saw blade, mm315
Machine weight (net/gross), kg90/93
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    21 June 2019

    I’m a carpenter making furniture to order. I bought sdmr machine the other day. It was obvious that the machine needs upgrading but I thought pros overweigh cons, price is acceptable for me. After a few alterations to fit my needs, the machine is rock&roll.