This is the machine with rather peculiar adjusting way from cutting to planing modes. The machine itself is mounted to the rigid frame base and has two independent work tables, conventionally «the upper» and «the bottom one». The cutting depth is adjusted by the position of the cutting table. The smooth stroke of the table is provided by a gas spring. To switch the modes one need just to turn the table upside down. While using one work table, the second one is unreachable. For more accurate positioning of a guard, the work table has measuring scales.

FUNCTIONS: planing, planing at angle (along ribs), longitudinal and cross cutting, longitudinal cutting along ribs at angle, cross cutting at angle, rebating, milling with disc cutters

Technical data
Max. planing /thicknessing width, mm230
Range of cutting depth, mm0÷88
Cutting table size (L×W), mm715×466
Rated idle RPM of cutterhead /saw blade and disc cutter, min-16000/2850
Network values, V/Hz230/50
Saw blade, mm250
Machine weight (net/gross), kg53/57
Rated consumed power, W2200
Overall dimensions, (L×B×H) mm810×497×510
Range of cross-cutting angles, degrees-45÷45
Planing table size (L×W), mm700×245
Range of cutting depth per pass, mm0÷3
Range of cutting and planing, degrees0÷45
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