Thicknessing Device TD-2000 / TD-2200 / TD-2500

BELMASH Thicknessing Device is designed specially for Belmash machines SDM-2000, SDM-2200, SDM-2500 SDM series to improve their capacity.

Thicknessing device is the irreplaceable assistant for a craftsman and provides for getting superb quality timber joint in the end. It has its own cutterblock powered from the motor of the machine. One can make precise thicknessing of timber of up to 100 mm height by using this device.

The device has adjustment of plane thickness per pass (max 3 mm), housing with pipe for dust extraction, stainless steel plate for better sliding of blanks, the device which prevents the rebound of blanks to provide for easy feeding and perfect finish of a blank.


TD-2000 TD-2200 TD-2500
Feeding type manual manual manual
Max. width of blank, mm 200 230 250
Max. height of blank, mm 103 103 103
Planer knives dimensions (L×W×H), mm 200×2×20 230×2×20 250×2×20
Packaging dimensions, mm 405×395×265 405×395×265 405×395×265
Item dimensions (L×W×H), mm 390×346×280 390×366×280 390×386×280
Net weight, kg 13,5 14,5 15
Gross weight, kg 15 16 16,5
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