Get 1-year extra warranty for your purchased Belmash product

27 November 2019

Dear customer!

We sincerely thank you for choosing Belmash machine.

We are confident that the purchase of our product will fully meet your expectations and you will never regret your choice.

Stringent and permanent quality control, rigid requirements related to suppliers, up-to-date equipment and experienced personnel give us utmost confidence in the quality of manufactured products.

Considering our consistent quality standards, we have decided to increase warranty terms for our products!

Fill in the questionnaire and get extra 1-year warranty for Belmash machines!

Belmash factory administration kindly invites you to take part in our questionnaire aimed at analyzing our customer needs, life mode and interests. Your answers will help us to make a general Belmash consumer profiles which in its turn, will help us to manufacture the goods to satisfy our customer expectations and needs i.e. You, our dear client! To fill in the questionnaire just follow the link. Thank you in advance for filling the fields with utmost scrutiny and honesty.

Always at your service,

Team Belmash.

P.S.This offer is valid for the products with currently existing warranty only.