BELMASH UNIVERSAL-2500Е is a budget model with a maximum range of functions. Powerful induction 2.5 Kw engine can start at lower voltage in the network. The planing table is compact and extensive at the same time - maximum planing width is 270 mm. The cutting height is adjusted by lifting the cutting table on pillars. The saw blade can be replaced by disc cutters. Milling/drilling table is in a standard shipping set.

BELMASH UNIVERSAL-2500Е is being produced for several years and is very popular among craftsmen. The perfect decision for those who need powerful, cheap, simple and productive machine.

FUNCTIONS: planing, planing at angle (along ribs), longitudinal cutting, longitudinal cutting along ribs at angle, cross cutting, cross cutting at angle, rebating, milling with disc and end cutters, drilling

Technical data
Range of cutting depth, mm0÷88
Cutting table size (L×W), mm646×556
Rated idle RPM of cutterhead /saw blade and disc cutter, min-15200
Network values, V/Hz230/50
Saw blade, mm250
Machine weight (net/gross), kg50/54
Rated consumed power, W2500
Overall dimensions, (L×B×H) mm955×750×420
Range of cross-cutting angles with the use of rotary bracket, degrees-45÷45
Range of planing depth per pass, mm0÷3
Maximum planing width per pass, mm270
Range of cutting and planing angles with guide, degrees0÷45
Planing table size (L×W), mm955×286
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