SDM – is the flagship series of Belmash factory. Even in a standard shipping set the machines of this series allow to perform all the operations done in a workshop. These machines have unique structure of the work table. It consists of three main parts: cutting, feeding and infeed planer tables.

We paid special attention to security in this machine – while cutting the planing function is blocked and vise versa.

FUNCTIONS: cutting at different angles, planing, drilling, milling with disc and end cutters, rebating

Technical data
Max. planing /thicknessing width, mm250
Range of cutting depth, mm0÷100
Range of cutting/planning angles, degree0÷45
Cutting table size (L×W), mm802×492
Table size at planing (L×W), mm830×267
Rated idle RPM of cutterhead /saw blade and disc cutter, min-17700/2850
Network values, V/Hz230/50
Saw blade, mm280
Machine weight (net/gross), kg67/70
Rated consumed power, W2200
Overall dimensions, (L×B×H) mm960×660×460
Planing depth per pass, mm0÷3
Range of cross-cutting angles, degrees-45÷45
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