Kinetic Log splitter BELMASH is a unique device for chopping firewood.

Standard hydraulic log splitters are too slow! It takes much time to transfer pressure through the hydraulic system! The new BELMASH log splitter is equipped with 2 flywheels and a rack and pinion system that allows you to almost instantaneously transfer force to the pusher and split wood. In this case, the return of the splitting system to the initial position takes about 1.5 seconds!

Flywheels driven by an electric motor accumulate huge kinetic energy, which, as a result, force equal to more than 20 tons force of hydraulic splitters! The log splitter quickly and efficiently cracks logs up to 50 cm long and up to 40 cm in diameter. Just lift 1 lever!

The fastest splitting speed in the world — 1.5 seconds per full cycle allows you to save a lot of time. Kinetic log splitter BELMASH works as fast as quickly you can put logs on it!

Technical data
MotorGasoline 5,5HP 4-stroke, single cylinder
Max splitting force, tmore than 20
Max log diameter, mm400
Max log length, mm510
Cycle time, sec1.5
Wedge height / width, mm155/10
Machine weight, kg120
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