BELMASH - peculiar design and moderate cost of woodworking machines.

The main line of Belmash plant activity is: household machines for processing wood and wood-chip materials. Widest range of the machines allows to fulfill any task of wood processing.

In addition to the machines, Belmash manufactures a wide range of attachments and accessories that make woodworking machines even more convenient and functional.

Plant's products are certified according to the standards of the CE, EAS, and Unified State System of Certification and Standardization in Ukraine.

Benefits of Belmash products

Belmash products are chosen by tens of thousands of masters not only from Belarus, but from Russia, Ukraine and a number of other countries as well. Belmash trademark is trusted because of the equipment of its manufacture is distinguished by wide functionality, simplicity, user-friendliness and reliability at moderate total cost.

Due to the plant’s own design center, it became easy to develop products that are equal and, in some cases, superior to alternatives of world brands.

The assortment of the plant is continuously expanding. Each brand-new product is designed on the basis of increased requirements to products, analysis of buyers’ preferences and improvement of equipment convenience and safety.

Unique developments and thorough control of manufacturing process guarantee highest quality level to Belmash customers.

Belmash product range includes:

  • Multifunctional household machines. Among this type of products, it is worth paying attention to Belmash SDM model - the flagship product line produced since 2012. SDM machines are most functional and equipped. Even the basic configuration is capable to perform up to 10 operations. Combined woodworking machines - the best option for country house, home or a small joinery shop.
  • Table saws (circular sawing machines) - convenient machines with a large functional surface, which can easily perform cutting of timber blanks of various species, plywood, chipboard, MDF and other materials.
  • Thicknessing (planing) machines, designed for shaping and sizing of wood blanks.
  • Extraction units (chip extractors) - convenient peripherals designed for connection to the machines and removing wood chips and dust during operation.
  • Additional devices for machines: various supports, tabletops, attachments, clamping devices and accessories designed to make the machine operation easier and increase its functionality.
  • Tooling and consumables: circular saw blades, knife blades including double-side sharpened blades, milling cutters, multiple V-belts etc.