Wood brushing technique: methods and recommendations

22 April 2019

Usage of wood, artificially aged by brushing method, when finishing interior or furniture items, gains more and more popularity. This processing technique can add individuality and visual interest to wood texture and make the design more stylish.

Alongside with specific design, artificial ageing of wood also makes practical sense — it increases strength and resistance to negative external factors, like decay or activity of wood-destroying insects.

It should be noted that not all types of wood can be brushed equally well. This technique is most applicable to soft or medium-hard wood species clearly visible annual rings. These are spruce, larch, pine, oak, ash and walnut.

The principle of brushing technique is removing of soft fibers from wood surface and covering the processed area with protective agents. The obtained relief surface can be additionally accentuated by uneven painting (deepenings are painted darker than the rest of the surface). The result is a sufficiently smooth surface with clearly visible annual rings.

There are 2 main methods of artificial ageing of wood:

— mechanical: performed by special hard brushes (most commonly — metal);

— chemical: removing soft fibers of wood by application of various erosive compounds.

These methods can be used either in combination or separately.

There is also a method of brushing by burning: first, the wood is burned with blow torch or gas burner, then the charred parts are cleaned, washed, brushed and coated with a protective agent. Additional toning of wood surface depends on preferences. You can leave a noble dark tone obtained after burning or additionally cover the surface with colored stain.

For indoor artificial ageing of wood, mechanical processing is applied most often. It can be performed manually with special hard brushes or with the usage of machines, tools or attachments. Manual processing is applied the scope of works is not large. If the surface to be processed is too large or brushing is required rather often, it is advisable to apply a machine.

We recommend a brand-new product by Belmash: WB-150 brushing device. It is compatible with any machine of BELMASH SDM series. WB-150 has 2 working tables. The upper table allows creation of a unique surface pattern, and the lower one is used for brushing at an adjustable depth. In addition, the attachment allows adjusting the working areas by the width of processed surface. The device will significantly speed up the process and will save Your time and efforts.

Thus, regardless of the fact that brushing technique requires time and effort, You will get excellent results and will certainly be proud of the interior items made of wood processed in such a way!