Unique brand-new: kinetic wood splitter

10 July 2019

Firewood harvesting is always a matter of interest for those who live in the cottages. Many people still chop firewoods in old school manner — with an ax, but this requires significant physical efforts and a lot of time. Therefore, more and more people pay attention to special firewood splitting equipment.

Today, manufacturers offer various types of such devices: from manual mini-splitters to mechanical and hydraulic machinery. They all differ in functionality and operational features.

Belmash offers You a brand-new type of such machinery — kinetic wood splitter of completely own design and development.

The principle of kinetic wood splitter operation is accumulation of huge amount of energy by the flywheels driven by motor, that is instantly transferred to wood-splitting pusher.

The main feature of the innovation from Mogilev city is its outstanding ease of use and world’s fastest operation speed: the full wood splitting cycle is 1.5 seconds. It is almost 3 times faster than hydraulic splitters do.

BELMASH kinetic wood splitters are manufactured in two models — LSE-500 with electric motor and LSG-500 with gasoline engine. In all the other aspects, both models have similar characteristics.

The Belarusian machine for firewood splitting will largely speed up and simplify the process of firewood harvesting. You will be able to provide yourself with plenty of firewood for your fireplace in the shortest time!