Top-5 Belmash machines of the year. Awarding our own «Oscar»!

27 June 2019

Throughout the year, the Belmash team thoroughly kept statistics and studied market demands, user’s reviews and feedbacks on all of the own-manufactured machines. Now, we are proud to present own «Oscar» award, based on the assessment of work results, in the following nominations:

«Most popular in CIS»;

«Most Popular in Europe»;

«Breakthrough of the Year»;

«Most versatile»;

«Best price».

BELMASH UNIVERSAL-2400 won in «Most popular in CIS» nomination. This model is interesting by ease of use, reliability, operational stability, and motor power.

CBS-2400 circular cutting machine was recognized the most popular machine in Europe. It is designed for wood sawing and milling with disc cutters. Users liked this machine for its asynchronous motor, convenient guide fence and for ease of adjustment of cutting depth and angle.

SDMR-2500 multifunctional machine was called the «Breakthrough of the year» by most of its users. It has a built-in thicknesser, high-quality asynchronous motor and steel planing cutter with 3 knives. The owners of this machine like it for quick transition from surface planing to thicknessing, for high quality of thicknessing and for precise adjustment of planing depth.

The most versatile are SDM-series machines: SDM-2000, SDM-2200 and SDM-2500 due to great variety of sawing, planing, milling and drilling operations. Many note that the machines of this series are perfect for country houses and farms.

Finally, in «Best price» nomination, UNIVERSAL-2000 BM was awarded. It is recognized the best in price-quality ratio. If You need a good woodworking machine with a set of all the basic functions, but do not want to spend a lot of money, BELMASH UNIVERSAL-2000 BM will be the best solution.