BELMASH SDR-2200 planing-and-thicknessing machine

2 May 2019

Woodworkers often encounter the necessity of planing a large number of boards: levelling them by thickness, smoothening their surfaces, or sizing the wood materials to specific dimensions.

Our brand-new BELMASH SDR-2200 planing-and-thicknessing machine, will make these works much easier. It is designed for planing, angle planing and thicknessing with automatic feeding.

The working surface of the machine is divided into two parts, one of which is movable. In the middle, there located the cutter block that is used for cutting the workpiece layers. When moving along the working surface, the workpiece is held by rollers that ensure smooth and safe cutting.

The cutter block is made of steel and is equipped with three 270-mm knives fastened to it with screws. Usage of three knives on the cutter block improves the processing quality and allows processing of all types of wood.

The result of processing depends on rotation speed of cutter block knives: the faster the knives rotate, the smoother the processed surface will be. SDR-2200 has appropriate planing cutter rotation speed of 7700 revolutions per minute.

To provide operation safety, SDR-2200 is equipped with a separate locking mechanism that will not allow machine operation in the absence of casing for chip removal.

When planing, the machine is able to process the materials of the following dimensions: planing width — 270mm maximum; depth of planing in one pass — 0-3mm; planing angle range — 0-45°; maximum workpiece height when thicknessing — 120mm.

It should be noted that the main metal parts of the machine are manufactured of 2.5-mm steel and the tables are made of 3.5-mm steel. This makes the frame rigid and stable.

Another feature of SDR-2200 is its motor: asynchronous, 2200W of capacity, equipped with 100% copper stator winding, has built-in protection against overheating. The motor has very high performance characteristics, increased starting torque and the possibility to run even if line power is lowered.

The power switch of the machine is conveniently located on a turnable bracket. This allows You to quickly and easily power SDR-2200 ON/OFF when performing either planing or thicknessing operations that should be performed from different sides of the machine.

To provide more convenient operation of BELMASH SDR-2200 machine, we recommend the use of the following accessories:

— machine support (wheelfree or wheeled), on which the machine can be installed and fastened with bolts;

— roller holders for long workpieces (RS-01 or RS-02);

table top.