Belmash factory manufactures unique woodworking machines for household and semiprofessional use. The specialness of Belmash equipment is proven by excellent quality competitive with the products of world leaders and, at the same time, by most reasonable prices. The presence of own design center allows us to expand the range of equipment annually. Strict control of manufacturing process guarantees the highest quality of each finished product.

Belmash company offers several types of woodworking machinery: combined, capable to perform up to 10 functions, circular and thicknessing machines. Each model differs in power, size and functionality. At the same time, due to reasonable prices, any master can afford any machine.

Factory products are certified in compliance with the standards of CE, EAC and Unified State System of Certification and Standardization in Ukraine.

To make the woodworking machines operation maximum convenient, safe and effective, you can use various peripheral units produced by Belmash. The assortment includes: clamping devices, thicknessing attachments, milling devices, holders, supports, table tops and various useful accessories. Almost every Belmash machine can be upgraded by means of additional equipment that extends its functionality and makes operation easier.

Peripherals for Belmash machines are made of high-quality materials and comply with all the requirements to such products (strength, stability, convenience, operational safety, durability etc.).

Belmash factory manufactures a wide range of tooling and consumables, which are necessary for woodworking machines operation. The company produces original casings, belts, circular saw blades and knife blades for Belmash equipment. All machines’ tooling is made of high quality materials, has excellent performance characteristics and reliability, and complies with the requirements of Technical Regulation of Customs Union 010/2011 "On safety of machines and equipment".

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"Belmash Factory" JLLC is a young enterprise that in a short time managed to acquire a good reputation and take a rightful place in woodworking products market. The company specializes in the development and manufacturing of multifunctional equipment for processing of wood and wood-chip materials at a country house or a cottage. The company's objective is creation high-quality tools capable of performing widest range of tasks and minimizing the cost of such equipment.

Belmash company has a network of sales representation in many regions of Russia. Manufacturing premises are located in Mogilev city, Republic of Belarus.

The factory started operation in 2012. Manufacture is located in modern premises with advanced equipment. Important fact: the company is not just an assembly line, but the factory of fully integrated production (the plant receives rolled stock and raw plastic and ships the finished products).

The factory has its own design center, which allows creating unique products able to compete with world brands. High level of professional skills and technical equipment of personnel allow to fulfill orders of the highest complexity level. Each machine or peripheral, produced at Belmash plant, is inspected by quality audit laboratory, so the buyer is guaranteed the highest quality of each product. Quality of products is additionally confirmed by certificates of CE, EAC and Unified State System of Certification and Standardization in Ukraine.

Belmash widely participates in international exhibitions and fairs, where visitors can see and try the machines and peripheral devices and duly appreciate their versatility and processing quality.

Belmash factory customers are offered reliability and quality at reasonable prices and potential partners are guaranteed flexible terms of cooperation and individual approach.

BELMASH - choice of the practical.

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Андрей Анатольевич
13 January 2018

Купил себе СДМ 2500.Работаю на нём восьмой месяц.Результатом очень доволен.Не станок а дурмашина,нагрузки не чувствует.Одна проблема поймал гвоздя в абсолютно новой доске, ножи захерил, отдал на заточку но спец оказался не очень.Теперь ищу у нас в Украине. Спасибо Михаилу Горбатенко (зам.директора) дал координаты.А то что там видео вылаживают на Ютубе про *прелести станка* так техника в руках дикаря это груда металла.Как будете аккуратно и бережно относится к станку.так он будет вам долго служить. Спасибо.процветания Вам.

Киев, Украина

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