New model - BELMASH SDMP-2000 woodworking maсhine

"Plant BELMASH" exhibition MITEX-2014 will present the new development - household woodworking machine BELMASH SDMP-2000. 
At the design stage of the machine has been tasked to simplify the work for the machine and get a better result. 
It was a non-standard solution. The transition from the cutting operation to the operation done by planing machine revolution around its axis. Reconfigure the machine easily and work - convenient and safe as when working on the same table, the second table is not available. 
In addition, the machine is equipped with a steel ruler with runners across the width of the saw table, which greatly simplifies the work during cutting. 
When creating new items has been made a bias towards simplicity and safety of use of the machine, as well as the ease of setting up the required parameters during operation.

Published: 22 october 2014« Back to News